Conference FAQs

Q1 When will the committee and secretariat decide on the format of the conference (whether or not to hold the “Hybrid” conference)?
A1 – December 20, 2021
Q2 When is the registration start date and how much is the price? Is there a cancellation policy?
A2 – December 20, 2021.
Registration fee will vary depending on your status and the date of your registration. See the “REGISTRATION” page for more information on registration and cancellation. If we decide to hold a hybrid conference, we will announce a separate registration fee for on-line participants.
Q3 How can I obtain an official invitation letter?
A3 – Please contact our conference secretariat:
E-mail: info_icts14 [at]
Q4 How do I get the latest information on entering Japan?
Q5 Do I need to submit a full paper?
A5 – Other than your abstract, submission of the extended abstract or full paper is not required, but if you wish to disseminate it through our electronic media, we welcome your submission. We expect to collect them next March or April. Please look forward to the announcement.
Q6 Where do I find the information on conference venue?
A6 – Please see “CONFERENCE VENUE” for more information.
Q7 Do we arrange our own hotel reservation? Where can we find the information?
A7 – You may arrange your own travel to Kyoto. However, as the end of April to early May in Kyoto is usually a very busy holiday period, we will introduce a travel agent in Kyoto called “ART TOURIST” who has put some rooms on hold at the normal rate.
There will be an “ART TOURIST” on our website after December announcement. If you would also like to make arrangement for your transportation in Japan or other arrangements for your stays, please check out the upcoming “ART TOURIST”.