Keynote Speakers for ICTS14

Although they most likely need no introduction for those involved in Thai studies, we here present four short profiles on the keynote speakers of the 14th International Conference on Thai Studies:

KASIAN TEJAPIRA is a professor of political science at Thammasat University in Bangkok. He is the author of numerous academic publications and a score of books in both Thai and English. He is also a noted columnist, burgeoning poet, and was formerly a radical activist and guerrilla fighter in the jungle of northeastern Thailand.

SAICHOL SATTAYANURAK was a Thammasat University student during 1973-1976. After receiving her master’s degree in History in 1982, she was a lecturer of Department of History, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. She moved to Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Mai University in 1990. She is currently a professor emeritus of Chiang Mai University. Most of her works are about history of ideas and intellectual history, especially conservative ideologies and discourse. Her recent research supported by the Thailand Research Fund are “Thai Scholars and Contesting Democracy in Thailand amidst Political Crisis, 2005-2014” and “Methodology and the Body of Knowledge on Human and Culture from the works of Thai Humanities Scholars, Anthropologists and Political Scientists. In the year 2019 she was named TRF Senior Research Scholar and is currently supervising a research project entitled “Changes of Though, Value System, and Emotional regime of the Thai Middle Class, 1957-2017”

AKIRA SUEHIRO has served as a Professor of Gakushuin University (2016-2021) and a Professor of the Institute of Social Science of the University of Tokyo (1992-2016, Director 2009-2012). He received M.A. in Economics (1976) and Ph.D. in Economics (1991) from the University of Tokyo. His academic concerns cover modern Asian economies, demographic changes and welfare system in East Asia, developmental states in Southeast Asia, and socio-economic transformation in Thailand. Major publications include Capital Accumulation in Thailand, 1855-1985 (1989), Thailand: Development and Democracy (1992 in Japanese), Catch-up Industrialization: The Trajectory and Prospects of East Asian Economies (2000 in Japanese; 2008 in English), Thailand: Challenges to a Middle-Income Country (2009 in Japanese), Emerging Asian Economies: Beyond the Catch-up Industrialization (2014 in Japanese), A History of Thailand (Chapter 7 Economy and Society of Contemporary Thailand, 2020 in Japanese), and others. He served as the President of the Japan Association for Asian Studies (JAAS, 2003-2005) and the President of the Japan Association for Thai Studies (2008-2011). He is currently a professor emeritus of Tokyo University.